15 Best Jewelry Pieces for a Conch Piercing


Conch piercing trendings nowadays also seem stunning. Believe me, it immediately changes your look. Oftentimes people choosing conch piercing for a different style.

You should try conch piercing with short hair or ponytail. Here I am going to talk about double conch piercing today. If you going for a conch piercing, this article would be helpful for you.

What’s the process and what about the pain level, I’ll give you sufficient information about double conch piercing now in this article. I am sure it will be useful for you.

Types Of conch piercing

Yes! Conch piercing can be further classified into two categories, which are as follow…

Outer conch piercing The outer conch piercing performed on the upper part on the cartilage of the ear. It’s a smart choice for piercing.

Inner conch Piercing – This conch piercing located on the lower cartilage of the ear. but outer piercing is more trending for now.


First of all, you have to check that your skin is totally clean and sanitized where you going to get pierced.

The piercer points a mark with the marker where you wanna get pierced. Then piercing stabbed by a needle and it’s no more than 14 gauge.

And it will take a few seconds only. After all this insertion jewelry in the hole. You Should Choose a cute and small ring for the hole. The first time you will feel some discomfort and pain after piercing.

Pain level during piercing

On my personal experience, During piercing normally you will feel 6 out of 10 on a pain scale. If you going for a single hole of conch piercing than it would feel normal pain.

But if you trying double or triple piercing than it might be a little bit high level of pain only for a second.

Heeling and precautions after piercing

It would take one week for proper healing, And I have to tell you that after piercing you should rotate of your jewelry in the hole after 3 to 4 hours gap otherwise there could be chances of the stuck ring with the healed skin.

If I talk about granny home remedies than coconut oil must be the best option to keep unstick. There is also the other option for precaution after piercing.

Piercing Care Salt!
Botanical oil helps to heal quickly. Sea salt very helpful for skin contains vitamin E and nourishes the damaged skin.
Recovery piercing aftercare spray
One more aftercare recovery sprays for piercing. The saline sprays best for healed, Removing dirt of skin.
Piercing Cream
Cream after piercing pain relief. It removes unnecessary pain of piercing, Wax, Tattooing. Non-oily, water-based cream.

Fancy Jewelry ideas for piercing

1. Cartilage Earring Piercing

Cute piercing ring jewelry for a stunning look.

2. Sleeper Huggie Earrings
stainless steel earring in several colors with stunning design.

3. Fashion Body jewelry

Adorable piercing ring in three colors. Best for a different look.

4. Women Piercings

Beautiful colored stone earrings for a stunning look. Must try.

5. Stainless Steel Earrings

Stainless steel earring with three clear rook helix septum earring.

6. Zirconia Cuff Earrings
Cuff earrings with a hoop. Design with Beautiful synthetic gemstone.

7. Gold plated earrings
Gold plated simulated diamond design earring in Several colors.

8. Body Piercing Jewelry
heart-shaped earring with tragus helix, Right closure daith cartilage.

9. Piercing Jewelry for Men Women
six designs in one order earrings. Stud earring tragus.

10. Ear Piercing Earrings
Single piece earring in gold color with surgical stainless steel.

11. Circular Rings

Moon design earring with helix septum circular stud, Fancy ring.

12. Women piercing jewelry
Faux Fake septum cartilage cuff earring, Made by stainless steel.

13. Pierced ring
Distinct style earring in owl tribal arrow design, Stainless steel earring.

14. Studs Earrings
Gem knit knot upper ear cartilage, Helix stud earring with sparkling.

15. Pairs Stainless Steel Silver Earrings for Women
Three beautiful design earrings pair in one order. tragus helix earrings.

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