How to Clean Hair Brushes at Home with these 3 Methods..

Clean Hairbrushes lint at home

It is often seen that we are so obsessed with healthy hair and being over protective about hair that we forget the fundamental partner of our hair that’s a ‘Hair Brush’.

It is necessary to keep our hair brush clean and yes this article is to let you make aware of the fact that you should go and have a look at your hair brush.

Clean hair brush and comb ensures you to have tangle free combing. However, cleaning hair brush or comb is not as easy as cleaning the makeup brushes or sponge.

Clean Hairs lint from Brushes

Easiest Ways to Clean Hair Brush fast at Home
It takes real hardship to clean your hairbrush or comb laden with various hairspray products and chemicals.

1. By Dry cleaning

It is the foremost important step in the cleaning of a brush. Use toothpicks, pin or end of rat tail comb to lift the hairball or dirt towards the surface, Once it is lifted it can easily be removed with help of scissors.

If you have round comb it is always advisable to clean half side of comb then rotate it by 1800C and clean the other side. Snip the loose hair strands out with help of scissors and throw the hairballs in a garbage bag.

2. Or.. by using Wet cleaning

The second step is to soak the hairbrush or comb in water for some time then scrub it thoroughly with an old toothbrush.

The soaking helps in softening the dirt, lint or clogged slime on the brush base. Sometimes deposition of oil cannot be removed simply with water.

Hence, you can take water in a bowl add 1tsp of shampoo and scrub the hair brush so as to clear all clogged pores. The emulsifier in shampoo helps in mixing oil and water together so as to get rid of oily deposits.

3. Clean your Hair Brushes with Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural antiseptic used for cleaning household items. It is an inexpensive, easily available in homes and simple method used for cleaning hair brush and combs.

You’ll require:

1 Tablespoon Vinegar
2 Cups of Hot water
1 old toothbrush
A Dry Towel

Directions of Use:

Take hot water in a bowl and add 1 tsp of vinegar to it. The water should be hot enough to kill the bacteria or harmful germs which get deposited on the brush.

Hold the handle of your brush and dip the bristle part inside the bowl. Dip it for several minutes and take it out and scrub it with an old brush so as to clear the brush or comb of all the deposited lint, debris or hairs.

Rinse the brush in water to eliminate any vinegar odor. Keep your brush or comb on the towel to dry it. After complete drying, you can use for the daily purpose.

Note: If you use a boar bristle hair brush which has coarse bristle. Such brush cannot be immersed in water hence thorough dry cleaning is required.

It is necessary to clean your brush or hair comb once in a week to keep your hair dust free which also helps to use your hair brush or comb for a longer period of time

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