What is my Face Shape – Guide to Determine and Finding

determine what face shape you have

Have you ever wondered what hairstyle suits you? It is not necessary your BFF may also have the same haircut or your favorite celebrity looks cool in rimless glasses while you look good in cat eye frames.

Did you figure out what is the reason for this, not yet it is because each one has a distinct face? It was a hectic task to choose among the plethora of faces to suit a perfect hairstyle, makeup, beard style or glasses.

Hence, some face experts have segregated faces which are more or less familiar. In order to determine your face character you will need the following items:

  • Measuring Tape
  • A Mirror
  • Temporary marker pen/chalk/ lipstick /piece of a soap bar
  • Water

1. Stand in front of a mirror. Be careful while standing as you don’t have to lean while taking measurements.  Lit up the room as bright as you can so that you will have a clear image of yours.

2. Take a temporary marker pen and trace an outline of your face on the mirror. Do not move and stand straight while doing so. Always start from your chin first, go to your cheekbones and encircle your hair curve as well; then end it at the chin. Do not include your ears in it.

Always start from your chin first, go to your cheekbones and encircle your hair curve as well; then end it at the chin. Do not include your ears in it.

3. Now, you can measure your face length with measurement tape on the mirror,  and determine the shape of your face.

4. Now, clean the markings from the mirror with water or detergents.

If you do not have a marker to sketch or you don’t need to stain your mirror you can comfortably stand in front of the mirror and take measurements and write it down on a piece of paper. Take a comfortable long measure tape which can easily access your face.

  • Measure the length of your Face: Hold the measuring tape at the start of your hairline and let it go till the end of the chin. Do not forget to write down the measurement.
  • The width of your Face: Measure the width of your face by holding the tape at your cheekbones. Start measuring by holding a tape at one end of the cheekbone pull it from nose bridge towards the other end of the cheekbone.
  • Measure your Jawline: Start measuring from the under ear line till the point of your chin. Multiply it by two and write it down.

Now, you have measurements as well as the structure of your face hence you can easily draw a conclusion as to what is your face shape.

1. Square shape Face

If you have the width (Cheekbone measurement ) and length (start of your Hairline to the end of chin point) of your face equal you probably have a square shape.

If you are confused with round and square shape look at your jaw. If the angle of your jaw is sharp it means you have a square shape. Wider forehead and square jawline are what makes you distinct from other faces.

You will feel proud to share your face shape with Angelina Jolie. You are energetic and blow off people with your wits and high intellectual and analytical minds.

2. Round shape Face

Your cheekbone and length of the face are fairly similar, but they are little larger than your forehead and jawline with an angle of your jawline soft and round.

You have a cute round shape face. Round shape also is known as water shape face. Round face shape is an ideal shape with chubby cheeks and plump appearance.

They are loaded with cuteness and innocence. They are quite flexible and adaptable. They are highly determined by money and power. Sympathy rhymes with their face shape.

3. Oblong shape Face

Sometimes was also known as rectangular. Here the length of your face is greater than the width of your face. Forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are of equal measurements.

You are deep thinkers and appreciate logically thinking. They are more of the introvert and strategic thinker with efficiency in work.

4. Heart-shaped Face

If the forehead is the widest part of your face, followed by it and you have chubby cheeks and it tapers down towards your chin. You wear heart on your face.

Most heart shape face people have widow peak hairline but even if you do n’t have you still have a heart shape face. It is also known as an inverted triangle shape face.

You are quite creative and you have strong inner power which gives you intuitions. It is also said heart shape people tend to take the best decision in life and they always do what they love which gives them lots of energy to work on.

Heart shape people are small packets of energy. A classic heart shape face is Scarlett Johansson.

5. Diamond-shape Face

There is slight confusion between oblong and diamond-shaped faces. But if you scrutinize properly diamond is quite different from an oblong shape.

Face length is large and cheekbones are wider whereas forehead and jawline are smaller in size. People with the diamond face are very much detailed oriented, productive and are outrageous. They seem to sparkle among the group.

6. Triangle face shape

If you find a person with a larger jawline or a flat jaw line tapering towards the narrow forehead and wider cheekbones then you have faced a triangular face person.

Such a face is also known as pear shape face. You are sensitive and fiery at times. Like heart shape people you are too creative but more stubborn.

A triangle shape person is an epitome of beauty and charisma. the most famous face is Jennifer Aniston.

7. Oval face shape

Are you confused with round and oval shape face? Because here also you have cute jaw which is round in shape, however, the length of your face is larger than the cheekbones and forehead is wider than jawlines.

Basically, your cheekbones are wider part on your face. You believe in being practical and methodical rather than believing theories.

Oval shape people are soft spoken and with the cute look, you seem to have an ideal face which suits any hairstyle or jewelry. Go and hug your mirror as you share your face shape with Beyonce and Elizabeth Taylor.

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